Village Clinics

Clinic Contact Numbers
Nena Russell Clinic Arctic Village, Alaska (907) 587-5229
Beaver Clinic  Beaver, Alaska (907) 628-6228
Birch Creek Clinic Birch Creek, Alaska (907) 221-2537
Myra Roberts Clinic Venetie, Alaska  (907) 849-8712


Hours of Operation
9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.
Monday to Friday


Village After hours Emergency
please call 1-800-478-7425





All village clinic Health Aides provide services for acute and chronic health problems, including but not limited to: prescription refills; preventive care/routine health screening; immunizations; laboratory tests; evaluation and treatment of minor injuries and conditions; referrals to specialists; patient transfer for life-threatening injuries or conditions; and, the utilization of telemedicine equipment for patient care.